Tuesday 12 July 2011

Risk analysis

Action to prevent / manage risk

1. Survey response rate may disappoint
BHO has run two multi-page surveys in the last six months both of which pooled roughly 1,000 responses. Some of the consultation proposed will be much shorter in length than those so response rates can be expected to remain high. In addition the IHR, which is centrally funded to facilitate research at the national level, is ideally placed to communicate with the academic history community in the UK. It hosts the History Lab, the national postgraduate organisation for historians, and hosts numerous seminars, workshops and conferences which are attended by history teachers and researchers across the UK.

2. We may not prioritise the right needs for the academic sector
Each piece of user consultation will be identifiable by the audience categories as previously laid out by the System Usability Scale.

3. Difficulties recruiting and retaining staff
The proposed staff are already in post, and are enthusiastic about the project. In addition there is a large pool of digital project staff on whom to draw within the Institute, should anyone leave or be otherwise unavailable.

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