Monday 11 July 2011

Timeline and work packages


Work package 1: project management
Ensure the timely delivery of all work packages to the required standard, and inform stakeholders about the project.


  • Project plan

  • Project blog

  • Input for the support project

  • Dissemination of outputs across IHR communication channels

  • Final budget and completion report

Work package 2: analysis

Understand the major issues for users through face-to-face techniques, convert those issues wherever possible into remote tests, and record them quantitatively.


  • Individual user interviews and task observation

  • Focus group with the Survey of London, English Heritage

  • System usability scale (SUS)

  • Remote testing using VerifyApp

  • Case study report of usability issues identified

Work package 3: innovation

Take advice and generate ideas for the reconfiguration of services to improve the user experience.


  • Build prototype solutions to usability issues, including:

    • Listings

    • Source

    • Search form

    • Search results

Work package 4: evaluation

Undertake follow-on research to uncover satisfaction with proposed revisions to services.


  • (Shorter) individual user interviews and task observation

  • Focus group with selected user from Survey of London

  • Continued monitoring of SUS

  • Repeat remote testing using VerifyApp

  • Report drawing together issues and feedback for remedial solutions

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